Dig In!! A Mealtime Favorite... Trader Joe's Orange Chicken

Dig In!!  A Mealtime Favorite... Trader Joe's Orange Chicken

Try this once, and it will be your GO-TO for an easy, tasty and family-friendly meal!

The first time I heard about this chicken, my son, Brody, came home from school and said, "Mom, I don't know what kind of chicken Silas brings to school all the time, but you gotta ask him mom and get that recipe."  I immediately text his mom, because she is also a friend of mine and she responds with, "Oh Courtney, I slave in the kitchen all day making it.  NOT!!  It's from a frozen bag at Trader Joe's and all 4 of my kids, and my husband is hooked!!"  THANK YOU STEPHANIE MCGEE!!  


I promised Brody that I would go buy some the next week and it has been a mealtime staple since that day almost a year ago.  My kids (and husband) literally BEG me to make it weekly.  If I chose to make it 4-5 nights a week, I have zero doubt that their plates wouldn't have a crumb left on them EVERY TIME.  The best part is that you literally put a small amount of oil in a pan, toss it a few times and it's ready in 10 minutes.


The chicken is perfectly crispy- Every. Single. Time. If you got an order of orange chicken from a restaurant, and every piece in the carton was a “perfect" piece- the pieces you dig around for first to snag before the others in your family get to them- that is how every piece of orange chicken is in every bag you buy.  Oh, and the other thing that is amazing is that an entire bag is ONLY about $5!  I have made homemade orange chicken before, and it was super yummy, but I can tell you that after having made this... homemade has gone to the wayside. LOL- there is no reason to do it anymore. YAY!!


The bag even includes the sauce, so you literally don't even have to use your brain to make this meal... and after working all day and running kids, I hardly have a brain, so this is a nice thing, girls!  Our favorite thing to serve it with is also from Trader Joes- the vegetable fried rice.  Again, it is frozen and you add a little oil to the pan, toss it around a few times, and it's ready in about 6 minutes.  I guarantee you that it tastes like your favorite take-out restaurant!! I PROMISE!!


Thank you for reading along and I would LOVE for ya'll to comment with your favorite family recipes so that I can try them out!  I'm always looking for new recipes so please share!


News 9 aires this Friday at 4:40p CST, so if you're local be sure to watch.  It's over how to incorporate a little BOHO into your every day style... LOVE THIS ONE!!




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