Sneak Peak: Taping News 9 Segments

Sneak Peak: Taping News 9 Segments

A "bird's eye-view" of what it looks like when we pre-tape segments at the store!

Back in June, I started having a Fashion Segment on our local News 9 channel.  It is called "Fashion Friday with The Ritzy Gypsy" and aires every other Friday at 4:40p so if you are bored at home and want something fun to watch, please tune in!  It has been the biggest blessing and one of the most exciting things God has allowed me to do since I opened my boutique almost 6 years ago. 

Up until last month, all segments were LIVE from the News Room.  By the way, Karl and Bobbie are as kind and as crazy as they seem on TV- I literally adore them both!  And yes, David Payne, is the craziest of the three... hahaha! I never know what he is going to say or do when he heads over to us... and since we are LIVE there is nothing I can do about him!!  HAHAHA!!

When covid numbers started rising at the beginning of December, the News Director decided to have all TV Personalities pre-tape from their homes (Sassy Mama) or businesses.  So that is why the last few segments have been done at the store.  But, I must say, not having to take all my stuff to the News Room has been so nice LOL.  

Yesterday, my photographer (Darrell, and he is the best!) came to the store and pre-taped two segments.  It's sooo convenient taping at the store, but we have to move all the stuff around so I always feel bad when customers come in during it because it looks like someone shook the store and then just sat it down and walked out LOL.  And it's very funny to see the look on their faces when they see all the cameras- they immediately assume they just got taped and usually try to turn and walk out BAHAHAHAAAA. 

Here are a couple of pictures from Monday, and you can see the clothing changes... we taped two segments this week. :)  This Friday, at 4:40p, the first segment aires and it is "How to Wear a Denim Shirt 4 Ways".  If you like a good denim shirt, you will LOOOVE this segment.  I show you have to get 4 outfits from one simple denim shirt, a closet must have!

The next segment should air on Jan. 22, at 4:40p and I will show you "How to incorporate a Boho Style into your Every Day Wardrobe".  If you like flowy dresses, embellished earrings, and fringe cardigans, you won't want to miss this one!

If you have any suggestions on segment ideas, I'd love to hear from you!  Please comment on this blog and let me know your thoughts and ideas and I'll see if I can make it happen!  I love doing what you want to see anyway, so that actually helps me when you give me feedback. :)

Thank you for reading this blog and thank you for sharing it with your friends and family.  I will blog on Friday and put a link to the News 9 segment on here and on the Facebook and Instagram pages.  Have a wonderful week and I'll check back in on Friday!












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